Friday, December 26, 2014

Check In Hotel dapat Ipad Emas !!

salam hormat,

sebuah hotel di dubai, nama Burj al-arab menawarkan kepada semua tetamu hotelnya yang check in di hotel tersebut untuk merasai pengalaman menggunakan Ipad yang diperbuat khas daripada emas tulen !!
jadi jika anda ingin merasai macamana rasa guna ipad emas. try la check in di hotel tersebut.

It’s an iPad, but in Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel, it’s a 24-carat gold iPad, functioning as a “virtual concierge” for our guests.

Designed specifically for Burj Al Arab and engraved with the hotel’s logo, this luxurious iPad will be offered to every guest upon check-in. The guests will be able to use the 24-carat gold iPad as a “virtual concierge” and - at the touch of the button - access both information and the extensive selection of hotel services, such as the Guest Services Directory, detailed descriptions of Burj Al Arab’s restaurant options and spa menu, as well as private dining, butler and housekeeping services, among many other options.

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